Sunday, May 6, 2012

Being the right fit for the job

Here's a brief word on "being the right fit for the job". (1)

In this tight job market, many companies are looking for employees who will fit the corporate culture, not just someone who's looking for a job just for the sake of looking for a job.

It's like finding the right pair of shoes, for instance.  You wouldn't buy a pair of shoes just simply because they look good on your feet.   It would be because they fit your feet correctly.  After all,  a size 7 shoe wouldn't fit well on a size 5 foot, or vice versa, right?

The same thing applies when you're on the job hunt.  It doesn't matter how badly you want, or need a job, if you don't fit the company's culture, or what they're looking for in an employee, it'll be very difficult for you to land a job there.  What's the use of trying to get in as the company's communications or public relations coordinator, when it's looking for say, a web developer?

Also, doing research on the company  (2) can help you tremendously in deciding whether it's the right fit for you, not only in getting the job, but more importantly,  in advancing your career.  Learning more about what the company does, its history, philosophy, etc., can help you decide whether working there is worthwhile.  After all, why go to work as a spokesperson for a company you have no knowledge about?

In the communications, public relations, and other related fields, it's your job to maintain a positive image for the company you hope to work for someday.  The more research you do, the better your chances of not only landing an interview, but also a job offer. 


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