Friday, May 3, 2013

The constantly changing fortunes for journalism. What it means for PR

Need any more proof that the times, and fortunes, are constantly changing for journalism, and the news business in general?

A recent article in listed "Reporter" as one of the five careers people should avoid going forward.  In fact, "Reporter" was listed as "Dying Career #2".  Only "Desktop Publishing" ranked higher than "Reporter".

However, that same article listed public relations as a solid alternative to the increasingly unstable career of print journalism.  If that wasn't enough, the Internet has sparked the growth of new sites that have forced PR professionals and journalists alike to reinvent themselves on a regular basis.

What it means for PR people is that just simply sending out pitches and press releases isn't enough.  It means they have to work side by side to get the story out on a 24/7 deadline, while making for quality stories that pique the reader's interest, hopefully.

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