Saturday, June 30, 2012

Building Your Personal Brand

As the first half of 2012 draws to a close, here's a brief word on building your personal brand.

As the term implies, personal branding involves a person treating his or her career as a brand name, give or take.  It's sort of like you're going to, or promoting, WalMart, only you're doing it as an individual, not a company.

The most important thing about personal branding is that you're always promoting a product: you.  Basically, that means you're selling your product to one customer: the company or employer you want promote someday.  But it'll be impossible for you to do so if you can't promote yourself or your brand.

The bottom line?  Just simply sending a resume, cover letter, and portfolio isn't enough.  It takes selling and promoting yourself to get potential employers aware of your personal brand.

Want more on building your personal brand.  MediaBistro's PR Newser has some tips here.

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