Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How to stand out in a tough job market

As this post is being written, it's almost the middle of June, and summer is just around the corner.  Most colleges and universities have already held their graduation, or commencement, ceremonies, with multiple graduates are looking for work.

Those of you who are reading this post are no doubt know by now just how tough it is to find a job in an increasingly competitive market, especially in public relations, journalism, and other related fields.  If you want to stand out in this tough job market, you must do more than simply send out resumes.  You must be willing to embrace social media, as well as the other related new or digital media technologies available.

Additionally, other ways to stand out in a crowded field might include internships, doing volunteer work, or even joining a political campaign or organization.  Also, starting a blog like this one, as well as visiting social networking such as LinkedIn can be a tremendous help in standing out.  Also, don't dismiss communications related jobs that aren't in public relations, such as doing freelance writing for a local weekly newspaper or magazine, going into sales at a TV station, or even becoming a production assistant for a radio station.

So, if you're among the many recent college graduates that are having trouble finding work: remember the following closing words to this post: Be persistent, and don't give up!

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