Monday, January 28, 2013

Still looking for a job, or interview? Please read this.

Still looking for that job, or interview, for that matter?  Here are a few pointers to ponder.

Update your resume, cover letter, and portfolio if any of them haven't been updated in a while.

Check all three above for grammatical and spelling errors.

NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK!!!!!  It's not enough to send out a resume, and hope someone picks up the phone, and calls you to schedule an interview.

Sell, sell, sell!  Remember to A-M-Y: Always Market Yourself. After all, we're in the age of personal branding.

Use any and all forms of social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest YouTube, etc.   Of all of these services, LinkedIn works best for making those all-important connections.

And last, but not least, be persistent! NEVER GIVE UP!

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