Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What do you want your personal brand to be about?

In looking for a new job, or new clients to build your business, it all comes down to what your personal brand is all about.

Why are companies such as Hanes, JcPenney, Microsoft, and even Nike such well-known, well, brands?  Because they have communications and public relations professionals, as well as (increasingly) brand journalists to keep those companies names out there, and build customer loyalty.

So, where do you come in? You're thinking, "I'm not a pair of underwear, or department store, or a computer, or even a running shoe."  No, you may not be any of those things.  But in what appears to be an ever-tightening job market, your personal brand should about why the customer (or in this case, the potential employer) should buy your product (or give you a job with the company).

That leads to the ultimate question: What do you want your personal brand to be about?

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