Monday, November 5, 2012

Not even the mayor can promise you a job

On the eve of one of the most contentious presidential elections in the history of the United States, a soon-to-be college graduate asked the first question of the second debate on October 16th.

According to the blog, Jeremy, the 21-year-old college student in question, asked both President Barack Obama, and Republican nominee Mitt Romney what could either could do to help support him after he graduates.

Obviously, the answer wasn't to Jeremy's liking, as Obama promised he would increase the number of manufacturing jobs, while Romney promised he would continue the student loan policies.

So, what do those answers possibly have to do with you even graduating from college, let alone getting a job after you graduate from college?  Just because you have a bachelor's degree from say, a prestigious institution like Harvard, doesn't even guarantee you an entry-level job, let alone a job with a higher salary.

And as far as a politician's ability to help create jobs, no one, whether it be the POTUS, the governor of a particular state (or province, in the case of Canada), or even the mayor of a certain city or town, can promise you a job.  It's up to you to convince the hiring manager of a company that your unique skills or talents can help it succeed.
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