Saturday, November 17, 2012

Should you wait until New Years Day to find a new job?

OK, the holidays are fast approaching, and you're wondering, "Should I start my job search during November and December, or wait until or after New Year's Day (January 1) to get it going in earnest?  

Well, the answer just might surprise you.  Many companies set their end of the year budgets during the last quarter of a calendar year, which is October, November, and December.  Also, many companies are looking to layoff employees during this period.  Which might be bad for those people who will soon be out of work, but good for you, the job seeker.

While many people are enjoying the cheer and festivities that the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) bring, you enjoy reduced competition for the positions that are still open just simply by continuing--or re-starting--your job search during the last two months of the year.

Which brings up another point.  Why not use some of those Christmas you'll most likely plan to attend to do some networking.

Here's a good article on holiday job searching from  Just read it by clicking here.

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