Friday, November 30, 2012

Research, research, and (more) research

When looking for a job, and/or preparing for an interview, you must do your homework.  In other words, you must do some research, research, and (more) research on the companies you're interested in working for.

The best way to do research on a company is to visit its website. Say you want a job at Coca-Cola, handling their communications and public relations efforts?  When you visit Coca-Cola's website, you want to do more than just simply browse around it.  You would want to read up on the history of the company, the founder (s), how much money they make in terms of sales, and yes, even if the company has a decent communications, marketing, or PR department.

The (more) research you do, the better your chances of not only finding the right job fits you and your career, but also acing that interview, and eventually getting the position.


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