Thursday, June 6, 2013

Can your (lack of) social media savvy hurt your chances of getting a job?

Actually, it can. That's according to a recent survey conducted by the online privacy Abine, Inc. reports that nearly 70 percent of recent college graduates still have yet to find a job.  Yet, according to that same survey from Abine, only a smaller percentage of those students actually take the time to improve their online reputation.

Why is this important? Companies are judging potential employees by their behavior online, as opposed to simply picking up and reading a resume sent via regular mail.  After all, you are reading this post on a computer, are you?

Think about it.  Is posting a picture of getting drunk at a wild party on Facebook,  or saying something stupid on Twitter,  actually worth the loss of a job, or a lost opportunity to get the job you want?  Again, think before you tweet, or post, for that matter.

The bottom line? Use common sense when it comes to using social media.  The ability to land a job in an increasingly tough job market could rest on it.

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