Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thinking before posting. Why it's important.

Here is a brief word on thinking before posting.

Why is it important? Every time you make a post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or even a blog like this one, you're either building up your reputation, or tearing it down.

When you apply for a job, any job, employers will "Google" you online before they even get your resume.  So, it makes sense to "Google" yourself beforehand. Just simply sending a resume and/or cover letter just won't cut it anymore.  

Like it or not, many companies make their hiring decisions based on a job candidate's online presence or reputation.  In other words, just sending a bad "tweet" on Twitter can be enough to hurt your chances of getting the job you want.  The same thing goes for posting objectionable photos on Facebook.

The bottom line? The more thought you put into what content you post online, the easier it will be for employers to find, and eventually, hire you.

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